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Updated on 7 March 2010 including a some new photos, new histories and census records

My name is Daniel K. Baird. I have been interested in genealogy for several years and have spent considerable time collecting information on my ancestors and the ancestors of my wife, Sandra K. Hawkins Baird. This page has been created for the benefit of my children and my grandchildren. However, to respect the privacy of living persons I will begin with our grandparents and include as many generations and as much information as possible. In some cases the information provided has not been verified but is being included as a guide for further reseach. Where possible I will make clarifying statements regarding the validity and correctness of the information presented. I can be emailed at and would be glad to answer any questions or accept any additional information on the families included below. I would greatly appreciate anecedotal stories about any of the ancestors to make the histories a little more personal, please forward any you may have.

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Note: In order to read the Gedcom files you will need genealogy software such as Personal Ancestral File (PAF). This software is available for free as a trial version from PAF (version / you can purchase the full version from them or from Online Store (copy the latest version at the top of the list).

      My Grandparents:

Richard Baird

Mary Susan Bailey

Frank Baker

Annie Brown

Richard Baird 1895-1984

Mary Susan Bailey 1891-1955

Frank Baker 1892-1970

Annie Brown 1897-1968

Gedcom File

Gedcom File

Gedcom File

Gedcom File

      My Great Grandparents:

 Daniel Baird

 Mary Alice Barnes

  Joseph R. Bailey

  Mary Jane Miller

Daniel Baird

Mary Alice Barnes

Joseph Ransom Bailey

Mary Jane Miller

No Picture Available

  Eunice Rowsell

James Brown

Mary Ellen Bagnell

Charles Baker

Eunice Rowsell

James Brown

Mary Ellen Bagnall

       My wife's Grandparents:

Clyde Hawkins

Effie Williams

Frank Clark

Daisy May Friday

Clyde Audrell Hawkins

Effie Williams

Frank Ferris Clark

Daisy May Friday

Gedcom File

Gedcom File

Gedcom File

Gedcom File

       My wife's Great Grandparents:

Claude Rauston Hawkins

Emma Etta Carlton

George Lee Williams

Sarah Catherine McGee

Claude Rauston Hawkins

Emma Etta Carlton

George Lee Williams

Sarah Catherine McGee

James A. Clark

No known picture

William H. Friday

Picture not available

James Albert Clark

Laura A. Brown

William Henry Friday

Mary E. Sweazea


Following are links to life sketches for our ancestors: Since this webpage was created for my grandchildren I consider them the first generation, my children are the second generation, my wife and I are third generation, etc, etc.

Fifth Genereation

  • Richard Baird and Mary Susan Bailey doc pdf

Sixth Generation

  • Daniel Baird and Mary Alice Barnes doc pdf
  • Joseph Ransom Bailey and Mary Jane Miller doc pdf

Seventh Generation

  • Robert Baird and Jane Cumming doc pdf
  • Richard Barnes and Alice Howarth doc pdf
  • William Bohannon Bailey and Elizabeth Ellen Bennett doc pdf
  • Phillip Miller and Sarah Bird Davidson doc pdf
  • Frank Baker and Annie Brown doc pdf
  • Charles Baker and Eunice Rowsell doc pdf
  • James Brown and Mary Ellen Bagnall doc pdf
  • George Baker and Harriet Board doc pdf
  • Ann Rowsell doc pdf
  • James Brown and Emma Price doc pdf
  • George Bagnall and Elizabeth Naggington doc pdf
  • Clyde Audrell Hawkins and Effie Williams doc pdf
  • Claude Rauston Hawkins and Emma Etta Carlton doc pdf
  • George Lee Williams and Sarah Catherine McGee doc pdf
  • John Washington Hawkins and Susan Ann Watson doc pdf
  • John Henry Carlton and Galconda E. Donnell doc pdf
  • James M. Williams and Martha Ann Killingsworth doc pdf
  • Andrew Jackson McGee and Christina A. Patterson doc pdf
  • Frank Ferris Clark and Daisy May Friday doc pdf
  • James Albert Clark and Laura Amazon Brown doc pdf
  • William Henry Friday and Mary E. Sweazea doc pdf
  • William C. Clark and Amanda A. Area doc pdf
  • Hamilton Brown and Mary Elizabeth Cheatham doc pdf
  • Henry Friday and Ann E. Preston doc pdf
  • Russell K. Sweazea and Missouri E. Robertson doc
  • pdf

To view generations beyond the 7th or more photos, click on one of the buttons below. We are also currently working on adding all census and land record images that we have, for those interested. It is a long process so check again later if we don't have what you are looking for, yet.

How about pictures of some of my Great Great Grandparents

Robert Baird

   Jane Cumming

Richard Barnes

Alice Howarth

Robert Baird

Jane Cumming

Richard Barnes

Alice Howarth

See Above

Elizabeth Ellen Bennett

Phillip Miller

   Sarah B. Davidson

William B. Bailey

Elizabeth Ellen Bennett

Phillip Miller

Sarah Bird Davidson

And a couple of my wife's Great Great Grandparents

   John Washington Hawkins

 Susan Ann Watson

John Washington Hawkins

Susan Ann Watson

And possibly the only existing picture of a Great Great Great Grandparent. This is thought to be Ransom Bennett taken in the early 1860s, but may be some other unidentified family member.

Ransom Bennett

Is this Ransom Bennett?

Observe the similarities to Elizabeth Ellen Bennett above.

This is thought to be the only picture of Charles Baker, taken about 1893. I believe that Charles is the man on the far left holding the child, who is
possibly Alice . Going to the right would be George, Charley Tom, Annie, Elizabeth, Eunice holding Frank, Ellen, and Harriet or Emily.

This is the house Eunice Baird was reared in. It is not known who the other people are.

       Our parents are:

Daniel E. Baird

Eunice M. Baird

Ormond Hawkins

Frankie Clark

Daniel Elbert Baird


Eunice Mary Baker


Ormond Rauston Hawkins


Frankie Floine Clark


If you were interested enough to get to the bottom of this page here are the reasons I do this work, the little ones that make me a grandpa:

Joselyn Gretta Harlow

Kleyn Austyn Baird

Hyrum Hugh Harlow

Kaleb Daniel Baird

Collan Edward Sterling

Dannika Rae Baird

The Family

top row- Janae,Andrew, Daniel, Kaelynn, Sarah, Jaymalyn
bottom row- Alysha, Sandra, Daniel, Tonya
missing spouses- Benjamin (Jaymalyn), Amy (Andy), Destin (Janae)

Thank you to my children, Andrew & Jaymalyn, for helping me create this page. This stuff is easy for them.